Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet in Sweden has won the public tender to undertake a major life extension programme on the survey and research vessel S/V Ocean Surveyor. A key aspect of the project will be the conversion of the propulsion and electrical systems from diesel to diesel electric.

The vessel is owned by SGU, Sweden’s national geological survey agency. The life-time extension programme is expected to take twelve months. It will include the replacement of the all the machinery, bridge and auxiliary systems including HVAC and a complete overhaul of all remaining equipment.

Composite survey vessel

Built 1984 in Norway, the Ocean Surveyor is a twin hull, multi-purpose, survey and ROV support vessel constructed using Kevlar/FRP composite for operations mainly in coastal waters. 38 metres long and 12 metres across, it has accommodation for fifteen personnel across twelve cabins and is equipped with DPS as well as various fixed hydroacoustic measuring systems. The main deck is fitted with winches, cranes, an aft frame and a moon pool for deploying samplers and underwater cameras. There are two laboratories on board; a wet lab for sediment and environmental sample analysis, and a space with a gamma spectrometer and sediment X-ray for the detailed study of samples.


‘The tender process was rigorous, requiring a lot of research and pre-engineering, and now that we have been awarded the project we are responsible for the entire design scope and the procurement as laid down by the SGU,’ says Flip van der Waal, Managing Director at Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet Sweden. ‘In many ways it’s not so different from a newbuild. We are very confident that our capabilities and facilities are perfectly suited to this project – including our main hall where we will carry out the work. This covered environment is the ideal location to conduct work on a composite vessel such as this.’

The contract was signed on Friday 28 February. Work will begin on the vessel on 6 April 2020 and is scheduled for completion by 31 March 2021.