South Korean prosecutors will bring legal action against eleven (former) Coast Guard employees for the Sewol ferry disaster. These include the former head of the service, who is suspected of negligence during the rescue operation.

The disaster cost the lives of more than three hundred people in 2014, including many young people who were on school trips. They were ordered to stay in their cabins while the ship slowly sank.

The tragedy led to great anger among the population in the East Asian country. It turned out that former president Park Geun-hye was unreachable for hours while the disaster unfolded.

After the disaster, the captain of the ferry was sentenced to life imprisonment. He had left the sinking ship and left his passengers to their fate. Other crew members also had to go to jail. They were sentenced to twelve years’ imprisonment.

According to the Yonhap press agency, some of the officials who are now being prosecuted falsified official documents. They reportedly wanted to prevent their blunders from coming to light.

Source: ANP

Picture: Sewol after salvage in Mokpo New Port (by Trainholic).