CEO Jan Valkier of shipping company Anthony Veder has been chosen Port Personality of the Year 2019. The Rotterdam-based foundation behind the award (Stichting Havenman/vrouw van het Jaar) selected him for his company’s fleet expansion over the past year as well as its pioneering role in the use of LNG as a marine fuel.

Anthony Veder, one of the Netherlands’ largest shipping companies, specialises in the transport of liquefied gases. The company, based in the Rotterdam Maritime Quarter, plays a pioneering role in the distribution of LNG, the liquid gas that is also emerging as a fuel for shipping as an alternative to heavy fuel oil.

This year was characterised by the purchase of a number of LNG tankers and tenders from shipyards for new tankers. Anthony Veder also supplied the first cruise ships with LNG as fuel, a milestone in the development of cleaner shipping.

Valkier’s Career

Valkier is the 39th consecutive port entrepreneur to receive the award, which was established by the former Rotterdam harbour press club Kyoto in 1981. He will be the successor of Wick Bornet, former director of ZHD Stevedores, the Port Personality of the Year 2018 still in office.

Valkier (1962) studied at Erasmus University and has been working for Anthony Veder since 1992, first as Commercial Director and since 1999 as CEO. He is a board member of the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR) and participates in the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe network.

Award Ceremony

The award will be presented to Valkier, in accordance with tradition, on the second Monday evening of the new year, on 13 January 2020, during a festive meeting on board the Emerald. On that evening, the Foundation’s chairman Frank de Kruif will give a detailed presentation of the considerations involved in electing Valkier during the presentation of the medal and the certificate.

The Stichting Havenman/-vrouw van het Jaar consists of a board of four former members of the Havenpersclub Kyoto, that is, independent journalists, the last three elected Port Personalities, the last elected Young Port Talent and three sponsors of the Foundation.