RelyOn Nutec has officially opened its new training ship in the port of Amsterdam. The vessel named Zeus will be used for fire and life boat related training courses for the offshore, maritime and wind industries as well as public fire brigades.

The Zeus was created out of a Russian pontoon and the superstructure of the Rhine tug Triton. The new training facility is situated at the NDSM-Pier in Amsterdam and is the latest investment in the Netherlands for RelyOn Nutec.

Entire Command & Control Chain

The interior of the ship has a cabin, galley, storage room and fuel treatment room. The ship has an engine room consisting of two levels. To enter this area and to extinguish an engine room fire, delegates can use a normal staircase, an emergency staircase or the staircase through the engine control room. Live fires with different types of fuel can be lit in controlled conditions.

The vessel is also equipped with a conventional and free-fall lifeboat, which are attached to the exterior.

Thanks to the extensive facilities on board, the entire “command & control” chain can be trained. The combination of firefighting and lifeboat facilities makes it possible to train various scenarios, including the actual abandonment of the ship if the incident cannot be controlled. The ship also offers the participants the opportunity to practise working in and rescue from confined spaces.