Damen’s yacht division will build a 75-metre bespoke support yacht. It will be the largest Damen yacht support built to date when delivered in 2022. The customised in-house design is based on the newly developed YS 7512 model in the ship builder’s yacht support range.

‘At the time of delivery, it will be the seventeenth yacht support delivered,’ says Rob Luijendijk, Director Sales at Amels and Damen. ‘It will also be the largest to date, which I think continues to show the scalability of the support solution for large superyachts.’

Yachts supports are designed to carry and operate all the tenders, toys, helicopters and dive equipment that owners want, without compromising luxury spaces on the mother yacht.

Yacht Support Particulars

The yacht support will be 75 metres long with a beam of 12 metres and a volume of approximately 1900 Gross Tonnage. It will hangar a helicopter with a D14 value, has state-of-the-art environmental equipment and capacity for containerised emergency relief support equipment together with a wide range of specialised marine gear and tenders. The vessel will accommodate 45 people including crew, specialist staff and guests.

Wright Maritime Group, the consultant on the custom design and technical development, will supervise the project on behalf of the client.