Royal Wagenborg has fitted its general cargo vessels Warnowborg and Adriaticborg with cable tanks to allow the vessels to load kilometres of subsea cable. The tanks were custom designed to suit the specific vessel types by a team of Wagenborg cargo superintendents.

Installation of the cable tank on board the MV Warnowborg took place in the port of Delfzijl on Monday 26 August. While at the Wagenborg quay side, the tank was installed in just one day. The diameter of the outer and inner tank were specially adapted for the hold of the W-class vessel, which is 15.20 metres. Currently, the vessel is loading a cable destined for Mexico.

The day after the Warnowborg left Delfzijl, the Adriaticborg was ready in Eemshaven to receive another pair of cable tanks. These were also specially designed for this type of vessel. The diameter of the holds of the A-class vessels is 17.75 metres. The vessel left Eemshaven at the end of last week to load cables destined for Curacao.

Picture: Cable tanks on board the Warnowborg (by Royal Wagenborg).