Damen Shipyards Group has won a UX Design Award for the Human Machine Interface developed for its Next Generation Tug Series. The system provides crews with the information needed to control and operate the vessel in a format that is as easy to use as a mobile device.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) has been developed by Damen over the past two years in partnership with VanBerlo and in close consultation with captains and chief engineers.

‘During operations, decision making by the crew has to be quick, despite them being under pressure, so any information has to be clear and relevant to each particular stage of the operation,’ explains Damen’s Jeffrey Jacobs, Technical Manager Tugs. ‘At the same time the ease of operating the system requires an intuitive and simple interaction. The Human Machine Interface covers the fully integrated class-approved alarm, monitoring and control system and can be accessed from the wheelhouse control station, on the main deck and in the switchboard rooms of the tugs. The system is also future-ready having been designed to accept additional applications on multiple devices at a later stage.’

‘Innovative Visual Design and User-centered Development Process

Damen’s Human Machine Interface has now won a UX Design Product 2019 Award. The UX Design Awards are intended to honour innovative solutions that add value to applications, technologies and services through positive experiences, thereby strengthening people’s abilities, enabling novel applications and facilitating access to new fields of knowledge.

The #UXDA19 expert jury nominated 51 projects from over twenty countries. From those it selected ten winners based on two days of thorough testing and intensive deliberation. About selecting Damen for an award, the jury stated that: ‘The tugboat alarm, monitoring and control system stands out for its innovative visual design and user-centered development process, especially in the context of the maritime industry. The system balances visual material and data well. Being both context and role-sensitive, it is a flawless example of a tailor-made approach that meets the requirements of different user groups, including captains and engineers.’

The awards will be presented today (6 September) during a gala ceremony taking place at the global technology show IFA in Berlin. Damen will also be demonstrating the system to the public as part of a special exhibition at the show.