DB Asset Services will set up a comprehensive condition monitoring programme on the entire Fugro fleet. The Fugro vessels will be equipped with measuring equipment to guard the condition of rotating equipment.

The collected data will be analysed by DB Asset Services’ specialists, who will advise and report to Fugro. This Dutch company provides geotechnical services to map the earth’s surface and sub-surface and owns a wide arsenal of ships for research, survey, subsea, geotechnical and offshore purposes. Some of these are already equipped with DB Asset Services’ condition monitoring programmes. Due to satisfying results, Fugro will now apply them fleet wide.

New Maintenance Intervals

By implementing the condition monitoring programme, Fugro will be able to schedule maintenance intervals based on the actual condition of their equipment, instead of running hours. This reduces maintenance costs and vessel downtime.

Picture: One of Fugro’s research/survey vessels, the Fugro Explorer (picture by Halley Pacheco de Oliveira).