The Northern Irish shipyard where the Titanic was built is about to go bankrupt. The company has declared all of the remaining 130 employees redundant, according to the British media.

Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries built ships for many years after the Titanic disaster, but later switched its focus to wind turbines and the repair of ships and oil platforms.

In Financial Difficulties for Years

Shipbuilding has almost completely disappeared from Northern Ireland. Once upon a time, 35,000 people worked at Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries. The shipyard has been in financial difficulties for years and has been put up for sale by the Norwegian owner, Dolphin Drilling.

Possible buyers would only want to strike after a bankruptcy, to start with a clean slate. The employees of Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries have been protesting for more than a week now, but so far without success.

Source: ANP

Picture: Harland & Wolff Shipyard (by Wilson Adams/Harland & Wolff Shipyard/CC BY-SA 2.0).