KNVTS lecture: Designing an icebreaker with virtual reality

Amsterdam RAI

Will you join the us to celebrate that we can meet up again? KNVTS Amsterdam proudly presents our first Live Event in 2021. As part of and sponsored by the Metstrade Show, in the afternoon of Wednesday the 17th of November, we will dive into how the very complex and sophisticated icebreaker RSV Nuyina was […]

KNVTS lecture: Short tensioning of ships

Willem Buytewechstraat 45, Rotterdam

Subject: Short-time tensioning of ships loading and unloading in changing tides and waves and the consequences of not applying this system. The lecture is organised by the KNVTS and will be in Dutch.

KNVTS Lecture: Digital 3D excursion on board ASRV Nuyina

This lecture is in Dutch. Digitale 3D excursie aan boord van ASRV Nuyina, organised by the KNVTS Afdeling Zeeland. Deze lezing/excursie kan ook via Teams worden gevolgd. Aanmelden kan door een mail te sturen naar: Gedurende de bouw van het Nuyina ook wel ASRV (Antarctic Supply Research Vessel) is er gebruik gemaakt van 3D […]

KNVTS webinar: The art of transportation engineering


Speaker: Mr A.J. (Ton) Bos MSc. MBA Eur. Ing. This lecture will be given in English. Ever since the start of offshore oil and gas and nowadays offshore wind exploration, the need for offshore constructions and infrastructure has been increasing in number, size and complexity. Topsides, monopiles, jackets, jack-up rigs, TLPs, spar buoys and FPSOs […]

KNVTS webinar: Research results maintenance management


Bij de HZ volgen hbo-studenten van de opleidingen Marof, (Civil) Engineering en TBK een minor Equipment Maintenance Technology (EMT). Binnen deze minor doen de studenten een dag per week (twintig procent van de studietijd), in een groep van twee à drie studenten, onderzoek in projectvorm, waarbij ze proberen een actuele onderzoeksvraag vanuit het beroepenveld te […]

KNVTS webinar: Mass production enabled design – The Moray Base


Speaker: Christiaan Schuiling, Maridea BV. This lecture will be given in English. The market potential for floating offshore wind is huge, but only if floating wind is capable of producing at competitive levelised cost of energy (LCOE) in line with alternative green energy sources. Achieving a competitive cost level requires a highly efficient process from […]

KNVTS lecture: KNVTS Ship of the Year – Electric ferry Bryggen

Damen Naval, Vlissingen De Willem Ruysstraat 99, Vlissingen

Speakers: Henk Grunstra, Product Director Damen Ferries, Bastiaan Vink, Product Specialist Public Transport at Damen. In 2021, Damen Shipyards won the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award 2021 with its fully electric ferry Bryggen, which currently sails in Copenhagen. During this lecture, the speakers will explain more about the design and its automatic fast charging […]

KNVTS lecture: AlViVi – Breakthrough digitalisation platform

De Rietschans, Haren Meerweg 22, Haren

To innovate for customers, Alewijnse sought to solve one of the largest challenges for the maritime industry — simplifying the IT architecture required to operate multiple, critical ship systems in a constrained space.  Rather than deploy and manage individual IT architectures spread across the vessel for each control system for propulsion, energy, navigation, communications, electrical, […]

Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) 2022

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) is a premier exhibition and conference in Asia showcasing a complete overview of the vessel sectors – services and solutions, technology, vessels equipment, machineries, supplies, and many more.

KNVTS lecture: A precautionary approach to developing nodule collector technology

Damen Naval, Vlissingen De Willem Ruysstraat 99, Vlissingen

The basis of GSR’s research and development (R&D) strategy was developed in 2013 following a desktop study which defined an integrated concept of operation. A key component of the deep seabed mining system is the Seafloor Nodule Collector (SNC). The SNC has a significant influence on the overall operational environmental impact and on the achievable […]