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KNVTS webinar: The art of transportation engineering

2022-01-19 @ 19:30 - 22:00

Speaker: Mr A.J. (Ton) Bos MSc. MBA Eur. Ing. This lecture will be given in English.

Ever since the start of offshore oil and gas and nowadays offshore wind exploration, the need for offshore constructions and infrastructure has been increasing in number, size and complexity. Topsides, monopiles, jackets, jack-up rigs, TLPs, spar buoys and FPSOs are designed for specific offshore operations and conditions. To enable these structures weighing up to 50,000 metric tonnes to be installed and commissioned, safe loading, transport and offloading operations are required.

During this lecture, speaker Ton Bos will go into the most important aspects of transporting these offshore giants. In addition to the technical content, the rules and regulations important to warranty surveyors on transport jobs will be explained. The lecture will refer to DNV rules and regulations in addition to practical business cases.

The lecture helps to gain understanding of factors influencing structures during ocean transport and introduces participants to the world of marine warranty surveyors. They can learn about different modes of ocean transport and the pros and cons of all types of operations. The ins and outs of the life of a surveyor and superintendent will be addressed to learn to navigate the demands of ships’ captains.

The webinar will be recorded. After the presentation, there will be a half hour for Q&A. To register, please use the link on the KNVTS website agenda.


19:30 - 22:00