Advertorial – Set against the backdrop of Norway’s maritime capital, Oslo, the Nordic Maritime Forum 2024 is aimed to unite industry leaders, stakeholders, and innovators for two days of dynamic discussions and collaboration. Scheduled for June 18th and 19th, this eagerly anticipated event will serve as a platform for exploring key themes shaping the maritime landscape and charting a course toward a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

At the heart of the forum lie current issues such as decarbonisation and sustainability, reflecting the industry’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and embracing eco-friendly practices. Participants, including shipowners, managers, regulators, and technology providers, will engage in thought-provoking conversations on leveraging renewable energy sources, enhancing vessel efficiency, and navigating the evolving regulatory landscape to achieve collective sustainability goals.

Seafarer well-being and safety will also play an important part, acknowledging the invaluable contribution of maritime personnel to global trade and commerce. Through interactive sessions and workshops, attendees will explore strategies for promoting mental and physical health among crew members, improving working conditions onboard vessels, and fostering a culture of safety and resilience at sea.

Digitalisation and AI

A cornerstone of the forum’s agenda is digitalisation and artificial intelligence, indicating a new era of innovation and efficiency in maritime operations. From predictive maintenance and smart shipping solutions to data-driven decision-making, participants will delve into the transformative potential of emerging technologies to drive productivity, optimise resources, and unlock new opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

Beyond its substantive discussions, the Nordic Maritime Forum offers a vibrant networking environment, providing attendees with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and cultivate relationships across industry sectors. The Gala Cocktail Party at the end of the first day promises a nice atmosphere for informal exchanges, fostering partnership-building among participants from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Awards Ceremony

As the forum draws to a close on its second day, the spotlight will turn to the recognition of excellence and innovation within the maritime community. The Awards Ceremony will honor outstanding achievements in areas such as sustainability, technological innovation, and corporate social responsibility, underscoring the industry’s collective efforts to drive positive change and inspire future generations.

In essence, the Nordic Maritime Forum 2024 serves as a beacon of leadership and collaboration, guiding the industry toward a future defined by sustainability, innovation, and resilience. By bringing together thought leaders, visionaries, and change-makers, the forum seeks to drive the maritime sector forward on its journey toward greater prosperity and environmental stewardship in the decades to come.

Nordic Maritime Forum

  • Date: June 18 – 19, 2024
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Venue: The Grand Hotel Oslo by Scandic
  • Organiser: IGGS Group

Picture: The Nordic Maritime Forum in 2023 (by Nordic Maritime Forum).

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