Damen Yachting has delivered YS 53, Bad Company Support 175. This 53-metre Yacht Support is the first of the YS 53 design series and has been handed over to its owner, sports fisherman Anthony Hsieh.

Bad Company Support 175 will now take on an ambitious ocean-going deep-sea fishing and conservation programme as part of the owner’s Bad Company fleet.

The vessel’s design and performance have been meticulously tailored to cater to the owner’s preferences. Bad Company Support 175 will not only serve as fast support to the fleet, it will also operate as a main hub for Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean based activities providing a technical and functional base for equipment and dedicated programmes as well as long and short term onboard living and accommodation facilities for the owner and his specialist crew.

Damen Yacht Support 53 Bad Company Support 175 top view (by Damen)
By Damen Yachting.

‘As the project manager for Bad Company 175, I am honoured to have been part of the build of this remarkable vessel – the first in the series,’ says Salih Saim Kaya, project manager Damen Yachting.

Owner’s representative, Neil Emmott, says on the project: ‘In pursuit of a lifelong dream, the owner’s involvement has been crucial in shaping the project, with enhancements based on his personal and very specific requests, such as accommodating a game boat, including a helicopter hangar, adding a custom jacuzzi, transforming the main deck lounge into a dedicated strategy meeting room, and integrating a Starlink antenna for improved connectivity.’

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YS 53 at a glance

  • YS 53 (53.25 metres / 175 ft)
  • Delivery 2024
  • 8 guests, 10 crew plus Captain
  • Interior design by Damen Yachting
  • Exterior design by Damen Yachting
  • Naval architecture by Damen Yachting

Picture (top) by Damen Yachting.

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