ABS has joined the BlueBARGE Project to develop a comprehensive solution for offshore electrical power bunkering. The programme is funded by Horizon Europe and involves fourteen partners from ten European countries.

To limit local pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, BlueBARGE is developing and testing a new way for ships docked in port to plug into electrical power known as cold ironing. The BlueBARGE model will look at an offshore supply of electrical power to moored and anchored vessels. It will address challenges related to electrical integration, platform interfacing with ships, ports, and local networks, as well as operational safety and regulatory compliance aspects.

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ABS to lead BlueBARGE

ABS understands that additional alternative energy options, particularly electrification, are needed to help the shipping industry achieve net zero by 2050. That is why the organisation is leading the 36-month, EUR 11 million BlueBARGE project and will support the consortium in safety, classification and regulatory compliance.

‘ABS is supporting cutting-edge electrification projects around the world for shipowners, shipyards and other stakeholders,’ says Konstantinos Voutzoulidis, ABS business development manager and head of Europe for contracted R&D. ‘We are well-positioned to use our deep industry knowledge to advance electrification and power connection technologies and to understand the risks as vessels and infrastructure become increasingly electrified and connected. ABS is excited to collaborate with such a great consortium in supporting the maritime industry to achieve the European Union and international electrification and decarbonisation goals.’

Picture: Group photo from the kick-off event for the BlueBARGE Project, a programme funded by the Horizon Europe program and involving fourteen partners from ten European countries to develop a comprehensive solution for offshore electrical power bunkering.

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