HNLMS Tromp will be deployed from today to fight Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea. The air defence and command frigate is taking part in the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian. The ship is also providing support to the EU operation Aspides. Both operations aim to promote security and free passage in the area.

Shipping in the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden has long been threatened by Houthi attacks. Since November 2023, Houthis have been regularly targeting commercial and naval vessels with missiles and drones. Recently, this has included fatalities.

The Red Sea is a crucial route for shipping between the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean. Moreover, the Netherlands has a direct economic interest in the safe and unhindered transport of goods by sea.

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The participation of HNLMS Tromp in both operations in the Red Sea contributes to the international rule of law and the protection of shipping on this important European trade route.

Its deployment lasts about 25 days and is on a high violence spectrum. The unit is trained to deal with the risks. The ship is equipped with defences against the various threats.

Watch a video on the deployment below (video by the Dutch Ministry of Defence, in Dutch).

World tour to Indo-Pacific

For its participation in the Red Sea operations, the ship has adjusted its original schedule. Thereafter, HNLMS Tromp will continue its voyage to the Indo-Pacific.

During their world tour, the 200-plus crew will take part in various exercises and operations with allies and partners. The air defence and command frigate will sail through the Indo-Pacific, among other places. The Netherlands is also making efforts to promote free navigation in this region. Defence aims to be present in the Indo-Pacific with a ship once every two years.

In September, HNLMS Tromp will return to the Netherlands via the Caribbean and the Atlantic.

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HNLMS Karel Doorman

The Dutch government plans to deploy the Joint Support Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman for Operation Aspides and to provide ‘associated support’ to Operation Prosperity Guardian. Parliament will be informed as soon as possible about the outcome of the investigation into the deployment of HNLMS Karel Doorman in the Red Sea.

Picture: HNLMS Tromp started its deployment to fight Houthi missiles and drones on the Red Sea on 27 March (photo Ministry of Defence).

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