Around 200 kilometres off the coast of Dampier in northwest Australia, Boskalis safely completed a special operation. At a record depth of 600 metres, the Boka Tiamat undertook excavation works at the continental slope: the steep zone where the seabed transitions from the continental shelf to the deep sea.

The Boka Tiamat was equipped with a specially developed grab for this purpose. Supported by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), part of the steep slope was flattened to enable the future installation of a pipeline.

A grab was specially developed for the deepsea excavation project (photo by Boskalis).

Never before had Boskalis executed excavation work at such depths. The Boka Tiamat had just set this “record” when it took on its next deepsea assignment: installing ten 17-tonne concrete mattresses at a depth of 1000 metres supported by an ROV. These mattresses serve as a steppingstone for the future pipeline, allowing it to safely cross the existing infrastructure on the seabed.

Picture (top): The Boka Tiamat (photo Boskalis).

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