After a major conversion, Boskalis has commissioned the Boka Ocean. The vessel was acquired in 2023 as a pipe-laying vessel and was subsequently converted into a broadly deployable cable-laying vessel.

After the Boka Ocean completed its sea trials in the North Sea, it is more than ready to start on its maiden project in the German part of the North Sea.

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Sister vessels

The Boka Ocean has been reunited in the Boskalis fleet with its two sister vessels. In fact, these were acquired by the company in the past 2.5 years and are now operating under the names Boka Northern Ocean and Boka Southern Ocean.

Although they are still similar in appearance, each vessel now has its own specialty. The Boka Southern Ocean and Boka Northern Ocean are high-end construction support vessels, busy with inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) and decommissioning work in the North Sea and various offshore wind farm construction activities in Southeast Asia. The Boka Ocean will soon install its first subsea cable for an offshore wind farm in Europe.

Picture by Flying Focus/Boskalis.

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