In September 2023, Royal IHC won a maintenance contract for three auxiliary vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The maintenance contract covers five docking periods of which this first docking was successfully completed on 31 January.

The intensive planned maintenance work on the HNLMS Luymes started in November and was completed on time and on budget. On the morning of 31 January, the vessel was launched for transit back to Den Helder where the remainder of the maintenance work will be finished.

‘Over the past two months, HNLMS Luymes has undergone the dock-related work of its three-yearly maintenance period at Hardinxveld-Giessendam under the auspices and supervision of IHC Defence, at the subcontracting yard of Neptune Repair,’ says Fedde ten Hoeve, KLTZ (TD), Project manager Department of Material Maintenance (DMI).

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He adds: ‘During this external period at the slipway, various inspections were carried out on the hull and ship installations, maintenance was done, operational issues were rectified and the ship was given a paint job. This means the vessel will soon be operational again to continue with its hydrographic operations.’

Eric Gret, project manager IHC Defence: ‘We are proud to have supported the Royal Netherlands Navy in maintenance of the HNLMS Luymes. This project marked an intensive period of work together and we are happy to see the vessel back in the water. Exceptional teamwork allowed everyone involved to best showcase their skills and abilities. We look forward to the successful completion of future maintenance projects with DMI.’

Later this year, the second period maintenance work will start, this time on the HNLMS Snellius.

HNLMS Luymes

HNLMS Luymes is one of two hydrographic survey vessels that form the Snellius class. The hydrographic survey vessels map changes in the waterways and seabed. They do this mainly in the North Sea and Caribbean parts of the Kingdom, but also in mission areas. The keel of HNLMS Luymes was laid in 2002, it entered into service in 2004.

Picture: HNLMS Luymes in dock for maintenance (by Royal IHC).

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