A floating solar park of around 80 hectares could be built on the “De Slufter” dredging depot on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam. Interested parties can now view the tender documents and apply for the tender.

The lease agreement enabling the double use of the depot for this joint initiative from Rijkswaterstaat, Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and Port of Rotterdam Authority was signed in January. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is carrying out the tender. The party that will construct the solar park will be chosen in 2024 and will then be able to exploit the water surface of De Slufter for 27 years.

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Largest floating solar farm

By floating the solar panels in the dredging depot, no additional space is needed to generate sustainable energy in this area. The extreme western location of the De Slufter depot makes it one of the sunniest sites in the Netherlands.

The site has the potential to accommodate an installed capacity of around 128 MWp, which would make it the largest floating solar farm in Europe. This would generate an annual amount of sustainable electricity equivalent to the consumption of around 33,000 households and a CO2 reduction of over 50 kton.

Solar energy on the Maasvlakte

There is currently 90 MWp on the roofs of buildings on the Maasvlakte. With the floating solar park, 128 MWp will be added. There is still room for 60 MWp on the roofs.

Picture: Artist impression of De Slufter covered with solar panels (by Energie op rijksgrond/Dutch government).

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