Huisman has won a contract from Subsea7 for the delivery of a 500-mt Offshore Mast Crane. The fully electric crane will be installed on one of Subsea7’s pipelay vessels and will be deployed for deep water installations.

The 500mt Offshore Mast Crane for Subsea7 will be equipped with a state-of-the-art passive and active heave compensation system on the main hoist to counter-act the vessel’s heave motion when landing a product onto the seabed. Huisman has upgraded its heave compensation system with a variety of new control modes to extend the operational window.

The crane will be built in Huisman’s production facility in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman: ‘Our pursuit of continuous improvement has led to the upgrade of our Offshore Mast Crane to an impressive 500 mt, showcasing our dedication to innovation and client satisfaction.’

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Easy integration

The small rectangular footprint of this crane allows for easy integration with the vessel’s steel structure and direct installation of the crane on the stern, achieving a large effective outreach and reducing integration costs. Huisman Offshore Mast Cranes are renowned for being lightweight, built up from high tensile steel, eliminating the need for ballast weight. Furthermore, the exceptional height of the mast provides a superior load curve.

The Huisman Mast Cranes have been used within the industry for over thirty years and have become a standard in the design and construction of heavy lift cranes. The company boasts a track record of nearly fifty Offshore Mast Cranes successfully deployed for offshore construction and ultra-deepwater operations, reaching depths of up to 5000 metres.

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