Oceanco has presented the first up-close look at Clarity, the striking Espen Øino International yacht design for The Collection for Simply Custom. The 80-metre yacht features large overhangs covered in photovoltaic cells.

Espen Øino explains the thinking behind its beautifully “simple” lines and energy-conscious smart design: ‘When asked to participate in designing a yacht for Oceanco’s Simply Custom Collection, my team and I were inspired by one word: SIMPLE! What does simple mean? To solve a problem in an efficient, elegant and smart way.’

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‘Inspired by this definition, we went off to solve some challenges in a simple yet smart way,’ explains Øino. ‘The yacht features very large overhangs in the superstructure to provide shade and to reduce the heat gain inside the vessel on the decks below. The excess surfaces above we used for photovoltaic cells.’

Øino concludes: ‘The main deck lounge is designed as a large winter garden, which can be opened to make use of the wind as natural ventilation. The overall objective being to reduce the onboard energy consumption and increase the renewable part of the onboard energy production. The extensive use of large shaded exterior spaces reflects our vision of enjoying life at sea and the outdoors.’

Picture by Oceanco.

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