Van Oord’s flexible fallpipe vessel Nordnes has reached a remarkable milestone. The vessel has installed a staggering 20 million tonnes of rock, a record unparalleled in the subsea rock installation market, according to the Dutch contractor.

Since 2005, Nordnes has been installing rocks on the seabed to protect and stabilise offshore energy infrastructure on projects all around the world. In total, the vessel has now installed 20 million tonnes of rock.

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Flexible fallpipe system

Nordnes is part of Van Oord’s fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels, which are highly efficient for subsea rock installation. The vessels are equipped with a unique flexible fallpipe system and remote operating vehicles (ROV), allowing them to install rock at a high level of accuracy.

Van Oord has been active in subsea rock installation for more than 35 years, servicing the offshore energy industry in pre- and post-lay rock installation on pipelines, cables, scour protection installation, seabed preparation and ballasting services for offshore structures.

The Nordnes is not the only Van Oord record holder. Earlier this year, the company’s flexible fallpipe vessel Stornes installed rock at a record-breaking 1368 metres below sea level.

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