On 16 September, World Cleanup Day, Damen Shipyards presented a first glimpse of its River Scooper. The vessel is designed to collect plastic waset from rivers.

Plastic pollution is a major threat to earth’s environment. Damen, in collaboration with partners such as Clewat Oy, is now building vessels to collect plastic waste from rivers, thus preventing it from spreading further.

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River Scooper

The River Scooper is a compact, container-sized hybrid vessel, with a float out of fully recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is capable of collecting up to 6 tonnes of plastic waste per hour.

It is fitted with a hybrid propulsion system of 100 kWh batteries able to sail on electric power. The vessel is designed circular and when it reaches end-of-life, it can be remanufactured or recycled with a cradle-to-cradle approach.

Damen says it will reveal more details of the vessel soon.

Picture by Damen Shipyards.

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