Zeaborn Ship Management has had its first (managed) vessel retrofitted with Anemoi’s first Rotor Sails prototype. Three 5×24 Rotor Sails – also known as Flettner rotors – were installed on Tufton’s Kamsarmax bulk carrier TR Lady.

Captain Vladyslav Naidenko assisted with the installation process, the implementation of the rotors during the maiden voyage and daily reports, which is to help Zeaborn monitor the development of this new technology.

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Rotor Sails

The Rotor Sails are vertical cylinders that, during rotation, harness the power of the wind to provide additional forward thrust. The highly efficient mechanical sails take advantage of the aerodynamic phenomena called the Magnus Effect to provide TR Lady with significant fuel and emissions savings.

The three rotors are located between the hatches on the rail system, allowing them to move laterally to facilitate port operations, whereas during the voyage they are locked in centre position. This way, the thrust generated by the sails will ease the main engine load and the engine will have less fuel consumption. It is expected that the Rotor Sails will save more than ten per cent fuel and emissions annually.

Anemoi Marine Technologies Ltd and Tufton have been nominated for the 2023 Retrofit Project of the Year Award.

Andrew Hampson, CEO of Tufton: ‘We and our investors are committed to shipping’s decarbonisation journey and believe wind propulsion is a key enabler in helping Tufton reach its 2050 net zero goals. We are very proud to have been able to support this innovative application of decarbonisation technology on the TR Lady.’

Picture by Anemoi.

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