You want to celebrate your 125th anniversary as a knowledge network, so what do you do? Right, you organise a symposium at which not yet widely known new, possibly ground-breaking knowledge for the future is exchanged. Judging by the reactions of those present, the symposium (conducted in English) under the motto “KNVTS takes soundings” was interesting and significant.

However, a symposium always has its limitations of a maximum allowed number of visitors (200) and, as an interested party, you have to be able to be there that exact day (11 May) at that precise location (in Rotterdam). That is why SWZ|Maritime, partly as a member magazine of the KNVTS, is revisiting the symposium with a thick dossier of articles in its July/August issue about the presentations that could be seen and heard at the symposium.

This dossier was produced with the kind cooperation of Dr.Ir. Herbert Koelman. Koelman is currently a lecturer at the lectorate Maritime Innovative Techniques at the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB), part of NHL Stenden. The lectorate focuses on the maritime sector, so covers shipping as well as ship and yacht building. During his studies, Koelman founded SARC in 1980, a company specialising in computer applications for ship design and optimisation. In 1999, he obtained his PhD on the mathematical background of a (better) method to represent and design ship shapes. And so now he was one of the organisers of the KNVTS anniversary symposium.

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Hydrogen for dredgers

In addition, this issue contains a well thought-out article by Bernadete Goncalves Castro, R&D project manager at dredging and offshore specialist Royal IHC. In her article, she concludes that hydrogen is ultimately the best choice for future dredgers. An important issue for any shipowner, because what fuel should your new ship, which is being built now, but will also have to comply with regulations in ten, twenty years’ time, run on?

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SEA Defence

We also have to draw your attention to the article by our naval specialist Jaap Huisman on the SEA Defence Project, which should become the cornerstone for the integration of European naval technology. Huisman was the only journalist present at the Final Event on 23 and 24 May in Amsterdam.

It is therefore with great pleasure that the editors can once again offer you, as a highly valued reader, a content-rich July/August issue.

This is editor-in-chief Antoon Oosting’s editorial accompanying the July-August 2023 issue.

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SWZ Archive

Our digital archive is once again available to subscribers and they can read the digitial version of our July-August issue there. Subscribers can register here to gain access. Not yet a subscriber? Visit our subscription page.

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The articles in SWZ|Maritime’s July-August issue

In addition to the regular sections such as Dutch news, Markets, Global news, news from the KNVTS and Mars Report, the articles in the July-August issue are:

  • How Royal IHC seeks to future-proof its ship designs
  • The SEA Defence project
  • Soundings have been taken
  • Future ships and shipping: Green and smart
  • Systematic innovation in electric (POD) propulsion
  • Sustainable design: Looking at the bigger picture
  • Low-emission, hydrogen-based, safe fuels
  • The path to electrifying shipping
  • Digitisation for smart maintenance
  • Integrating big data in the maritime industry
  • Advances in autonomous maritime transport
  • Digital twins in the maritime domain

Picture: In August, Boskalis’ subsidiary Smit Salvage completed the oil transfer from the decaying FSO Safer and as such prevented an enormous environmental disaster. An example of Dutch salvage expertise at its finest. Read more on page 5 (picture by Boskalis and the cover picture of the July-August 2023 issue).