SHV Holdings has decided not to go through with its plans of selling heavy lift specialist Mammoet. The parent company says that a better new owner for the company was not found.

SHV announced the plans for the sale in March of this year. A new owner was to support the company in executing its growth strategy, particulary in offshore wind. The decision followed a strategy update process in which SHV concluded that supporting all eight groups (SHV Energy, Makro, Mammoet, ERIKS, Nutreco, NPM Capital, Kiwa and ONE-Dyas) simultaneously in realising their full potential and ambitions is not the best way forward.

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At the time, SHV said that Mammoet, under a new owner, would have the opportunity to reach new heights on the back of the rapid growth of the renewable energy sector and the fast-paced transition in industries and societies. 

Jeroen Drost, CEO of SHV, said when announcing the plans for divestment that the company wanted ‘to make sure we find a new owner that is committed in supporting Mammoet and our colleagues in this next step. We all strongly feel this obligation and will be part of every decision in the process.’

It is precisely for this requirement, that SHV has now abandoned the plans, as ‘after careful consideration’ , the parent company has decided ‘not to pursue any of the interest expressed in the purchase of Mammoet as they don’t meet our aim of finding a better owner.’

Picture: The SK6,000 ring crane designed by Mammoet allow offshore wind projects to take place under entirely electric power (picture by Mammoet).  

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