Product and chemical tanker company Ardmore Shipping Corporation has ordered Value Maritime’s carbon capture ready and emissions-reducing Filtree systems, including the Clean Loop system, for a further three MR Tankers. The company had already ordered six such systems at the end of last year.

The additional three ships to be made carbon capture ready for collecting CO2 emissions on board in the future are Ardmore Engineer, Ardmore Exporter and Ardmore Seavanguard. Taking place during regularly scheduled drydocks, the Filtree units will be installed in the first quarter of 2024 at yards in Asia. Timing installations in this way ensures zero disruption to the commercial activities of Ardmore’s vessels.

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Carbon capture ready

The Value Maritime (VM) Filtree system is based on innovative technology that filters sulphur, CO2 and 99 per cent of ultra-fine particulate matter from the tankers’ exhaust stream. The system uses a Clean Loop mechanism, which additionally filters its own wash water, removing oil residues and particulate matter, ensuring the pH neutral value of the discharge water.

The plug-and-play Filtree system to be installed on the Ardmore tankers will be outfitted with a modular CO2 capture and storage system to help reduce further emissions. CO2 is captured from the vessel’s exhaust and stored in tanks on board. This is then discharged on shore where it can be used, for example, in the sustainable cultivation of greenhouse crops, methanol plants, and even the food industry.

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Rapid return on investment

The Filtree system offers a rapid return on investment. Due to the Filtree system’s removal of sulphur from the exhaust gas flow, Ardmore can cut its emissions today while continuing to sail with more cost-effective high-sulphur fuel. Additionally, this positively affects the vessel’s performance and maintenance requirements and requires zero downtime.

Garry Noonan, Director of Innovation – Ardmore Shipping: ‘Regarding technology, we firmly believe in collaborating with business and technical partners to create solutions addressing the energy transition. As we adopt what might be referred to as the next generation in exhaust gas cleaning system technology, Value Maritime’s Filtree is exceptional in that it not only cleans and neutralises overboard discharge, but also offers an additional benefit in the form of a potential carbon capture upgrade. This gives us flexibility today while economically and efficiently future-proofing our vessels for tomorrow.’

Picture: MR tanker Ardmore Seavanguard.

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