At the Royal Niestern Sander Shipyard, Wagenborg has transported the bow ship section of the EasyMax 3 from the construction hall to the quayside. Yard number 853 is the third vessel of the EasyMax ship type for Royal Wagenborg.

The EasyMax is an open top multi-purpose ice classed vessel with a cargo capacity of 14,200 tonnes and a hold volume of 625,000 cbft. Due to the combination of this large cargo capacity and very low fuel consumption, Wagenborg is at the forefront of its segment in terms of sustainability. Partly because of this, Wagenborg has received the KVNR Shipping Award for this ship.

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The unique design of this ship type has been developed by Royal Wagenborg and Royal Niestern Sander in collaboration with carefully chosen partners. In this design, the interests of our customers have been paramount in being able to offer significantly more efficient and reliable transport.

Its sister vessels Egbert Wagenborg and Máxima have proven to be the most energy efficient ships in Wagenborg’s multi-purpose fleet.

The picture at the top is a still from the video by Royal Wagenborg below.

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