On 8 May, the Elegant Exit Company (EEC) started operations on the sustainable recycling of the container ship Wan Hai 165 after receiving approval from the Supreme Council of Environment (SCE). The start comes after a lengthy process of obtaining the necessary permits and approvals.

It also marks a significant milestone in EEC‘s efforts to safely and efficiently dispose of the vessel. The operation is an essential step in promoting sustainable practices in the shipping industry.

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Recycling process

The Wan Hai 165 will undergo sustainable and responsible ship recycling at one of EEC’s recycling partners, located east of the Suez Canal, ASRY, Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company in Bahrain.

The Wan Hai 165 will undergo a rigorous process of removal of any residual hazardous material that may be remaining on board for its safe and proper disposal. The vessel will be placed in a floating dry dock, where it will undergo further processing to reduce its weight.

The accommodation block will be removed layer by layer, and the ship will be cut into blocks of up to 25 tonnes for transportation to the secondary and tertiary cutting zones.

Sustainable recycling of the Wan Hai 165 by EEC is about to start

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