Rivers and waterways are not the only place where waste accumulates. Marinas can also form a hotspot for litter. That is why for the marina of Terschelling, Allseas developed the Catchy Mini.

The system is based on Allseas‘ existing Catchy systems, but scaled down so it can be placed in areas with a limited space and waterflow. The Catchy Mini can be emptied by hand.

The design of the Catchy Mini sprung from Boris Kastelein, who joined the company’s River Plastics Removal team for an internship in 2021. Having a problem with in-flowing waste, which takes a lot of time and effort to remove it by hand, the marina of Terschelling approached Allseas for a solution.

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‘I started with thorough research, leading to a concept design for the system,’ says Kastelein. ‘To have an idea is one thing, to make it functional another. Thankfully, I had the River Plastics Removal team to guide me through the process and advise me on my ideas.’

The result of the process was a small, simple design, focused on practical applicability. Catchy Mini is Allseas’ fourth waste collection system.

Picture by Allseas.

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