EDF Renewables, Jan De Nul Group and Luminus have partnered up to bid for a commercial-scale offshore wind tender in Belgium. It concerns the first phase of the Princess Elisabeth Zone.

The Princess Elisabeth Zone is an area identified by the federal government to increase Belgium’s local renewable electricity production by up to 3.5 GW. The joint venture will bring together partners’ expertise and experience in offshore wind energy to deliver a qualitative and competitive bid.

EDF Renewables is a significant offshore wind global player, active in Belgium in the 325MW C-Power wind offshore project since 2012. Jan De Nul is a leading Belgian company combining extensive worldwide experience in the offshore wind and maritime sectors. Luminus is a renewable energies’ leader in Belgium, with growing activities as a vertically integrated power producer, retailer and energy services provider.

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Drive growth of offshore wind

‘As part of a global leader group in low carbon energy with a significant growth ambition in renewables and a more than 10-year experience in offshore wind, we’re very committed to offer a competitive bid on the upcoming Princess Elisabeth area and contribute to Belgium’s energy transition and development of a European offshore wind power industry,’ says Frédéric Belloy, Executive Vice President, International Operations for EDF Renewables.

Philippe Hutse, Offshore Director at Jan De Nul Group, adds: ‘Last week, we announced the award of the design and construction of the world’s first artificial energy island in the same Princess Elisabeth Zone. Today, we are delighted to announce this joint venture, which again represents a significant milestone in our efforts to drive the growth of offshore wind energy in Belgium.’

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