Advertorial – As you may be well aware, all installations for treating your scrubber water, ballast water, potable water, bilge water and grey water on board must be compliant and safe. Even though you know this, it is not your core business. Complying with (inter)national laws and regulations as a hassle free service? No problem, Normec MTS (Maritime Testing Services) has the solution. Managing director Hans van der Wart is happy to tell us more:

Simple sampling

‘Depending on the type of water to be tested, we have sample kits available, including clear instructions. This allows crew members to carry out the sampling. We take care of all the logistics, freeing valuable time and resources for everyone who has their hands full being involved in the time consuming day to day business of ship management. That is why we are happy to take this specific part off your hands, helping ensure your compliance and the safety of your employees and passengers.’

Reports in digital customer portal

‘In case your sampled water complies with the relevant regulations, you will receive the certificate by e-mail. Furthermore, we grant all our customers access to our sophisticated Normec MTS portal, where you can gain insight in the results of samplings and where and when the next samples per vessel and per water type is due. This allows you to easily adjust your planning and ensure your compliance. We understand that it is quite a challenge to comply with maritime legislation in an ever adapting world and therefore offer a complete concept. From customs clearance of the samples to advice and aftercare.’

About Normec MTS

As an independent agency, Normec MTS specialises in water sampling and analysis. We do this worldwide for leading shipping companies in the maritime sector. We distinguish ourselves through highly automated processing of measurement data and laboratory analyses. We take care of the entire process from planning, analysis to reporting. For more information, please visit or contact us at We look forward to working together.