Bosman Shipping Group has signed a contract with SEAFAR. In the second quarter of 2023, the Progres will be equipped with SEAFAR’s technology and Shipping Technology’s Autonomous Lane Assist.

SEAFAR is a company that offers services to operate unmanned and crew-reduced vessels. The new equipment is to enable remote control of the ship. Shipping Technology‘s technology will also allow (semi-)autonomous sailing.

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Extensive testing will of course be required, says Bosman Shipping Group and the test results will be shared and evaluated with the relevant authorities. How these new techniques will affect laws and regulations cannot yet be said, states the shipping company, but the techniques are a big step towards “Smart Shipping”.

Bosman Shipping Group: ‘There will be a long way to go, and we realise that all too well. But the confidence is there.’

Watch a video about Seafar below. Picture (top) by Bosman Shipping Group.

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