Maritime Partners has ordered ten RIX methanol-to-hydrogen (M2H2) reformer systems for use on Hydrogen One, the world’s first methanol/hydrogen fuel cell-powered towboat. The M2H2 system produces hydrogen-on-demand, eliminating the complexities of on-board high-pressure gas or cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage.

RIX Industries is a developer of gas generation systems and energy technologies. Maritime Partners provides tailored financing and leasing solutions for the US maritime industry. The company’s fleet of over 1600 vessels transports commodities including agricultural products, chemicals, aggregates, crude oil, and refined petroleum products.

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M2H2 Series

The RIX M2H2 Series systems generate high-purity (99.97 per cent) hydrogen with zero NOx, SOx, or particulate matter, enabling a superior method of addressing decarbonisation efforts. The M2H2 systems are combined with PEM fuel cells to deliver primary power on the vessel.

These M2H2 systems are capable of supporting fuel cell solutions from 10 kW to 140 kW with a single reformer and can be aggregated to support MW applications. In addition, they are flexible for operations such as ship propulsion, auxiliary power systems, reefer container power, and cold ironing.

‘Sustainability in workboat operations, specifically the inland brown water sector, is a priority for the industry,’ says Austin Sperry, President, Maritime Partners. ‘By deploying RIX M2H2 reformers to power the fuel cells – on-demand, when needed – on our groundbreaking Hydrogen One vessel, Maritime Partners is sending a clear message that cleaner energy emissions can be achieved via convenient, manageable, and available hydrogen processes.’

Bryan Reid, chief sales officer at RIX Industries, adds: ‘The methanol-to-hydrogen process is changing the dynamics of vessel propulsion. On-board hydrogen generation is a reality, decoding the longstanding challenges of high-pressure storage and cryogenic temperature requirements. Maritime Partners recognizes this breakthrough and, with our M2H2 Series reformers, will be primed to take full advantage of the wide availability of portside methanol – meeting not only Hydrogen One’s propulsion needs, but also looming environmental mandates to offset dangerous emissions.’

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