VSTEP has launched the Early Access version of its latest maritime simulator NAUTIS Home. This simulator makes ship simulation available from anywhere.

‘Simulation-based training is essential when it comes to improving the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the maritime industry,’ says Fabian van den Berg, CEO of VSTEP. ‘Technological advances are pushing maritime professionals and future seafarers to learn and train new skills and competences. Simulation–based learning can assist to prepare the maritime professionals, especially in the current market with a shortage of qualified personnel.’

On-premises maritime simulators already play a crucial role in providing the right training value in maritime education. However, until now, ship simulation was mostly accessible at larger simulator set–ups at schools, organisations or training centres for maritime students or professionals.

‘We want to enable learning by simulation in the maritime industry,’ states Van den Berg. ‘Which is why we aim to expand the accessibility of professional ship simulation towards a scalable, non-location bound product.’

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VSTEP has now launched NAUTIS Home in Early Access, aiming for a feature complete product by the end of 2023. NAUTIS Home offers an immersive simulation experience with realistic hydrodynamics to mimic true to nature vessel behaviour. The software is based on the professional maritime software NAUTIS, which is used for large simulator set-ups for schools and training centres. NAUTIS Home contains standardised content for individual sailing, training, and assessment.

Tije Vos, Commercial Director of VSTEP: ‘NAUTIS Home is an accessible, low-cost training solution that can be used complementary to on-premises simulators. NAUTIS Home licenses start from EUR 5.95 per month, making this maritime simulator ideal for maritime schools, training centres or shipping companies to scale their current training programme and foster a continuous learning cycle.’

Only needing a PC with 3D graphics card makes NAUTIS Home suitable for the individual maritime professional, student and even enthusiastic hobbyist as well, providing them with an opportunity to invest in their own maritime development.

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Updates to Early Access forthcoming

Van den Berg: ‘This Early Access version of the software is the basis on which VSTEP will continue to develop and improve. To release in Early Access allows us the opportunity to get valuable input and feedback from the users directly, giving us the chance to adjust the development course to make sure the software meets the market needs for the long term.’

The NAUTIS Home Community Platform plays a crucial role in this process. It is the central place where users can interact with each other and with VSTEP to leave their feedback and ideas on how to improve the product.

The first product update is already planned before the end of this year, followed by many larger updates in 2023. A variety of courseware will be added, such as Anchoring and Mooring. The inland domain will be represented with more courseware, vessels, and environments.

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