Damen Services and Mc Energy have signed an agreement to bring an innovative shore power solution to the market. Damen B-Shore can connect ships worldwide to local shore power safely and reliably.

The agreement was signed on 20 October 2022. Providing ships with shore power, significantly reduces emissions of greenhouse gasses and particulate matter and also saves fuel.

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B-Shore shore power

B-Shore can supply multiple voltages and switch between 50Hz and 60Hz networks. This means that every on-board network can be linked to a local network. B-Shore also absorbs any instability of the local grid and provides a safe separation between shore and ship, thus avoiding galvanic corrosion.

It is also possible to connect a battery pack (energy storage) to the B-Shore in the event the shore power supply is too weak, unstable or otherwise restricted. B-Shore S125 can even supply multiple limited consumption units with shore power simultaneously. This prevents a lot of emissions and at the same time makes a B-Shore purchase financially attractive for potential customers.

In addition to purchasing B-Shore units, Damen Services will also be working with lease constructions for their clients. Damen Services aims to keep a significant number of units in stock and the first B-Shore is expected to be delivered in Q2 of 2023.

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Partnership cover construction, sales, delivery and after-sales

The exclusive partnership agreement between Mc Energy and Damen Services covers the construction, sales, delivery and after-sales of B-Shore units.

‘B-Shore is a new sustainable extension of the Damen Services products and service provision, which we can deliver to shipowners, shipyards and service providers across the globe thanks to our extensive network of Service Hubs,’ Rutger Blaauw, Managing Director of Damen Services explains.

Alex Wesemann, Commercial Director and co-owner of Mc Energy, adds: ‘This agreement is a great stepping stone towards closer collaboration between Damen Services and Mc Energy through the development of spin-off products and solutions we are already working on.’ Mc Energy is a designer and manufacturer of energy storage systems and related products that are built in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. The energy storage systems are used on board ships, in industry, construction and the non-residential building sector.

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