Three leaks have been discovered in the Nord Stream pipelines that run between Russia and Germany through the Baltic Sea. The Danish Defence deployed the frigate Absalon and the pollution control vessel Gunnar Thorson, as well as helicopter capacity and has released footage of the spills.

One spill comes from the Nord Stream 2 south of Dueodde and the other two leaks have been discovered in Nord Stream 1 northeast of Bornholm. The leaks were discovered by the Danish Defence F-16 interceptor response unit.

Nord Stream 2 is not yet officially in use. Deliveries via Nord Stream 1 were shut down by Russia several weeks ago. However, both still contain natural gas.

Navigational warnings have been issued and prohibitive no sail zones have been established around the areas.

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Sabotage considered

The cause of the leaks is yet unknown, but sabotage is being considered. According to the Danish Energy Agency it concerns large holes, not small cracks.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was quoted by Danish news medium DR as saying: ‘In any case, we cannot rule [sabotage] out. It is too early to conclude yet, but it is an extraordinary situation, and there are three leaks, and therefore it is difficult to imagine that it could be accidental.’

Picture by Danish Defence.

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