With the launch of the Bloemgracht from dry dock, both of Spliethoff’s new DP2 B-type vessels are now in the water and nearing completion. The vessels are being built at Mawei shipyard in Fuzhou, China.

The Bloemgracht has now moved to the outfitting quay, close to sister vessel MV Brouwersgracht – where the building process will continue. The Brouwersgracht is a step ahead and will be heading for its sea trials soon.

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B-type vessels

The 12,500 mt deadweight Brouwersgracht and Bloemgracht combine the intake of a multi-purpose vessel with a DP2, station-keeping ability of up to Bft 6, making them ideal for supplying large volumes and heavy cargoes directly offshore. To obtain the fast, safe and efficient loading and discharge of pipes, both on and offshore, the vessels have a removable, automated, pipe-handling gantry crane installed.

Equipped with two Huisman 5000-mt Heavy Lift Mast cranes, the vessels are very suitable for both heavy-lift transportation and offshore installation. To fit in with Spliethoff’s continuous drive for greener operations, the vessels’ design is fuel-efficient and the propulsion and power generation systems are equipped with scrubbers and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

The B-type vessels have an open top notation, two tween deck levels and 5900 m2 of total deck space. Both vessels are on schedule for their first commitments.

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