JR Shipping has contracted Value Maritime to retrofit another six vessels with its exhaust cleaning Filtree and carbon capture system. The shipping company’s 750-TEU container feeders MV Endeavor and MV Energy have already been equipped with this system.

The six additional six vessels that will receive the system are the MV Enforcer, MV Endurance, MV Ensemble, MV Emotion, MV Empire and MV Elysee. This makes JR Shipping Value Maritime’s largest client with the carrier set to install the most Filtree systems to date.

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Emission reduction

Over the past three years, JR Shipping and Value Maritime have been consistently working on reducing carbon emissions, lowering the fleet’s environmental footprint and staying ahead of IMO targets. Both companies are building momentum and combining their knowledge and resources to take significant steps in the emission reduction and decarbonisation of short sea shipping.

‘The necessary course towards a sustainable future has the full attention of the shipping industry worldwide,’ says Sander Schakelaar, managing owner of JR Shipping Group. ‘The transition to sustainable shipping can only be accelerated if we turn the Green Deal into a profitable deal. Together with Value Maritime, we mapped out the possibilities for a fleet-wide programme. We worked on the basis that shipowners can only invest to a limited extent in new installations so our main goal was generating sustainability with return prospects in the long run. We are convinced that the innovative Filtree System, developed in-house by Value Maritime engineers, can play an important role in the energy transition of our industry.’

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Filtering and carbon capture and storage

The six vessels will be fitted with the Filtree system, Carbon Capture Module and CO2 Battery to capture and store CO2 on board. The system, suitable for both existing and new vessels, is based on a unique technology that filters sulphur and ultra-fine particles from the exhaust gases and purifies wash water.

In addition, a patented CO2 capture and storage module is integrated into the system. CO2 batteries will be offloaded and discharged at greenhouses in Europe where the CO2 will be re-used to grow crops or flowers. Value Maritime has set up an extensive service network to replace the batteries in main ports. This will result in a circular solution.

Advantages for the container feeder market using this technology are full compliance with sulphur emission regulations while still operating on cost-efficient fuel, particulate matter is also filtered from the exhaust gases for additional environmental benefit, CO2 is stored and re-used with the capture and storage module, which reduces the vessel’s ecological footprint, and installation can be carried out in a matter of days during routine dockings, with virtually no down-time.

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