Kooiman Marine Group recently designed, installed and delivered two ballast water treatment systems for Amasus. The Eems Transporter and Fluvius Otter are the first of the 29 Amasus ships to be retrofitted with the system.

To be able to integrate with the existing ballast water system in a tight engine room, a 3D model of the existing space was made using laser-scanning. Kooiman Engineering designed the new pipes with 3D engineering in this model and made the pipe spools.

In Kooiman’s pipefitting department, the pipes were manufactured for installation on board. When the ship arrived at the shipyard, all piping was ready and coated, allowing the installation work on board to be started immediately.

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Ballast water treatment installation package

The foundations were also made in advance and this package, together with the equipment, was collected in a container at the shipyard’s logistics centre. By packing the full package in a containerised size, transport at the yard, but also to other locations, is easy to carry out. Each ship receives its own tailor-made ballast water treatment installation package.

All 29 Amasus ships will receive a new, tailor-made ballast water treatment system over a period of three years. A special and challenging project because all these ships are in operation and therefore not always in the vicinity of a shipyard of Kooiman Marine Group. However, the integrated approach limits the time that the ships are out of service.

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