Kajima Corporation and Van Oord have been selected as the preferred Balance of Plant contractors for three offshore wind projects in Japan. For Van Oord, it is the first contract of this size in Japan.

Kajima Corporation, founded in 1840, is one of the largest construction companies in Japan. Kajima Corporation has an extensive track record in marine construction work, as well as over thirty years of experience in building onshore wind farms.

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1.7 gigawatts offshore wind in total

In December 2021, the Government of Japan selected three consortiums, all led by Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions, as the operators for three offshore wind power projects in Akita, northern Japan, and Chiba, near Tokyo. These are the wind farm near Choshi in Chiba (391 MW), the wind project off the coast of Noshiro, Mitane and Oga in Akita (479 MW) and the project off the coast of Yurihonjo in Akita (819 MW).

Yurihonjo will be the largest wind farm in Japan. Execution of this portfolio of projects will take place over several years and is expected to start in the second half of this decade.

Van Oord offshore wind Japan

Japanese offshore wind market

Kajima and Van Oord have been supporting the three consortiums in developing the projects and will continue doing so. By joining forces with Kajima, Van Oord aims to contribute to the successful development of offshore wind as a sustainable energy source for Japanese society. These three Balance of Plant projects (providing all supporting components and auxiliary systems other than the wind turbines) will further strengthen Van Oord’s long term presence in the growing offshore wind market in Asia.

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