DNO has awarded Heerema Marine Contractors a decommissioning contract for the integrated engineering, preparation, removal, and disposal (EPRD) of the Ketch and Schooner platforms. The platforms are located in the Southern North Sea in the UK sector and were installed by Heerema in the 1990s.

‘Heerema is proud to be the contractor of choice for the decommissioning of the Ketch and Schooner platforms,’ says Michel Hendriks, Heerema’s Decommissioning Director. ‘The EPRD award is the result of our ambition to remove offshore structures of all sizes in a safe and sustainable manner. We are especially pleased to contribute to the circularity of the project by being the installation and removal contractor, which is in line with our own sustainable circular ambitions.’

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Ketch and Schooner platforms

The Ketch and Schooner platforms are tied-back to the Murdoch complex, which Heerema installed and will now also remove. The Ketch platform is located in a water depth of 54 metres, and the Schooner platform is located at 71 metres of water depth. After removal, both structures will be responsibly disposed of and will be reused or recycled up to 97 per cent.

Picture: Ketch and Schooner being installed in the 1990s.

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