At 80 metres, with 1700 GT and a top speed of almost 30 knots, Project Cosmos is the biggest and fastest all-aluminium yacht ever built. Heesen launched the superyacht with yard number 19480 at its shipyard in Oss on 19 November.

The yacht was launched on schedule despite the pandemic. What makes Project Cosmos so impressive is its immense size combined with a remarkable top speed of almost 30 knots. This is achieved thanks to the lightweight and low-drag hull design, an iteration of the Fast Displacement Hull Form devised by van Oossanen, and assembled, millimetre-perfect, by Heesen’s welders.

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Ensuring sufficient longitudinal strength was one of the biggest technological challenges facing the engineering team, who designed and patented the Backbone – an intricate, full-length structural reinforcement system. Power comes from traditional, if highly refined, diesel propulsion – four engines, two gearboxes, variable-pitch propellers and ultra-innovative Promas rudders.

‘We are celebrating the launch of a unique yacht,’ says said Heesen CEO Arthur Brouwer. ‘Unique not only for our shipyard, as she is the largest we have ever taken on and represents the pinnacle of our achievements to date. Cosmos is also unique in the industry – the largest and fastest aluminium yacht in her class ever built.’

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Exterior and interior design

Cosmos’s elegant exterior comes from the British studio of Winch Design. Clean lines, a sporty silhouette and the extensive use of glass create a timeless, dynamic profile.

‘The Winch vision for Cosmos was to retain Heesen’s sporty DNA, but blend it with an innovative, futuristic spin. Curved glass forms smooth, sculpted shapes, creating a feeling of slick, contemporary charm,’ explains Jim Dixon, Director of Yachts and Aviation at the British design house.

Sinot Yacht Design and Architecture was responsible for the light interior design. The yacht offers accommodation for twelve guests in six staterooms.

Following its launch, Project Cosmos will remain at Heesen for commissioning before undergoing intense sea trials in the North Sea commencing in February. The yacht will be delivered to its owners in April 2022.

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Pictures by Heesen/Dick Holthuis.