Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has introduced a new, multifuel engine platform facilitating the transition from conventional fuel to new and future fuel types. With the new EVOLVE range, ABC seeks to achieve an ultra low or zero emission operation. The first member of this range is a compact yet very powerful four-cylinder medium speed engine: the 4EL23.

Uncertain policy reforms, competing technologies and volatile fuel prices… Will harbours become low emission zones, just like cities? Will hydrogen replace all other fuels? As it is impossible to predict the future, ABC says Evolve is developed to tackle the challenge of uncertainty.

The compact engine platform is predesigned to integrate the most recent future technologies (liquid fuel, dual fuel, spark-ignited). According to ABC it facilitates a financially viable conversion/retrofit to new fuel types using the exact same engine. The engines are IMO Tier III certified and EU stage V compliant.

ABC says the 4EL23 is the first multifuel medium speed engine to face the transition from fossil-based to zero-carbon head-on. It delivers superior engine performance at full and partial load. To support the current energy transition, the 4EL23 is fully optimised to run efficiently on diesel with EATS technology for ultra-low emissions until other fuels are economically available.

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Picture: ABC presented the 4EL23 at Europort.