Representatives from Moonen Yachts and Diana Yacht Design gathered at Talsma Shipyards in Friesland, the Netherlands, where four heavy duty cranes carefully assisted in turning the 34-metre hull of the first Moonen 110 over. The process took a total of four hours.

This first 256-GT Moonen 110 was announced in January 2021 as project YN202. Diana Yacht Design modelled the hull to achieve the desired sailing characteristics, dimensions, and interior space for Moonen. Due for delivery in March 2023, construction began in June of this year. Once completed, it will achieve a maximum speed of 13 knots.

Talsma Shipyards, builders of the 34 metre hull share their thoughts on the process: ‘Turning the hull is one of the bigger milestones in the hull production. At Talsma Shipyards, we always build our hulls upside down. This makes building easier, since the building floor and deck are both flat and it reduces the time spent working above the head. The building process is typically about sixty per cent finished when the turning takes place. Most of the section work has finished and after turning, we enter the outfitting phase of the build. Small ironwork, like placing foundations, hull penetrations, bollards, piping, placing the bulwark etc. will now take place.’

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‘It is a very special moment to see the first hull of the new Moonen 110 ready in its sailing position,’ adds John Bechtold, Moonen’s Project Manager of YN202. ‘I am very proud and grateful of the first result that we have achieved together as a new team, after an intensive and instructive process. Talsma Shipyards, Diana Yacht Design and our own Moonen team have all done an exceptional job.’