Danish Tuco Marine has launched a new ProZero CityHopper line of catamarans. The new range features electric drive line and zero-emission vessels and the boats are prepared and ready for autonomous use as well as manned operations.

The ProZero CityHopper Line is a range of light weight catamaran designs from ten to fifteen metres in length specifically designed for urban waterway passenger transportation. The vessels are built of light weight composite materials, to ensure very efficient hull lines and low energy consumption.

They feature electrical drive lines as a part of the ProZero E-line and can be driven by a variety of modular drive trains such as pod-drives, stern drives and shaft drives. In addition, there will be autonomous operation options. The Cityhoppers can be delivered as double ended, pod-driven vessels, for minimised docking time and for the highest operating efficiency, or with alternative options as per the operators’ requirements.

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Modular methodology

To achieve the best balance between design customisation and delivery time, Tuco has arranged the entire design and building process around a module-based system. With the modular methodology, adjustments and customisations are quick, easy and inexpensive to make. The CityHoppers are equipped with modular deck lay-outs. The glass deckhouse protects the passengers against the surrounding environment and enhances comfort. Automatic sliding doors provide safe shelter and access to the deck areas, and easy boarding for disabled persons is possible over the folding gangways.

‘The module-based design makes it possible for us to offer clients a relatively short delivery time compared to the market average while providing them with a product that is tailored to their specific needs. Modularity makes it easy to maintain a very high-quality standard and to keep the high level of reliability that we strive for,’ says Managing Director at Tuco, Jonas Pedersen.


Tuco Marine’s ProZero series is a range of fast boats designed specifically for professional use. They are built to endure the harsh conditions of operations on open sea. With advanced design and sophisticated application of composites materials, the ProZero series offers significant commercial benefits and enhance overall vessel performance and energy efficiency. The ProZero range so far covered offshore, workboats and vessels for security and defence.