Dutch shipbuilding group Damen has obtained a new order in Poland. It will deliver a Shoalbuster 2711 ICE multi-purpose vessel for harbours to Fairplay Towage Polska, the Polish subsidiary of the European leading tugboat operator.

The Shoalbuster 2711 vessels are the popular tugs from Damen’s workboat portfolio. Its standard parameters are as follows: length of 27 metres, beam of 10.5 metres, draught of 3 metres, speed of 11 knots, bollard pull of 40 tonnes. Meanwhile, the Dutch shipbuilder often adopts tugboats in accordance with the customer’s requirements. As for Fairplay Towage Polska, the Polish company ordered the vessel with a larger bollard pull, namely 45 tonnes, and an ice-class feature to enable it for the year-round operations in the Baltic ports. Furthermore, the tugboat will be certified to IMO Tier III emissions regulations.

Local components

Damen will perform the order from Fairplay Towage Polska at its facilities in Poland. ” A big advantage of the project is the local content – Damen is building the vessel entirely in Poland. She will be the first such vessel built here, though I think she will not be the last one,” said Arkadiusz Ryz, offshore wind project manager at Fairplay Towage Polska. It is worth recalling that the Dutch shipbuilding group has four subsidiaries in Poland: Damen Engineering Gdańsk, Damen Shipyards Gdynia, Damen Shipyards Koźle, Damen Marine Components Gdańsk.