Scotland is planning to turn its economy into net-zero by 2045. To achieve this ambitious target, the UK’s nation will establish sustainable and green ports. Nine areas across the country have been accepted as the future locations for environmentally-friendly harbours. The exact sites will be chosen during the planned bidding process.

In the final days of July, the Scottish Government closed the dedicated pre-election period that has been lasted for four months. The proposals of nine areas got a green light to participate in a future bidding process that will specify the exact locations of Scotland’s green ports. Among them are the following localities: Aberdeen and Peterhead, Cairnryan, Cromarty Firth, Dundee, Firth of Forth, Glasgow City Region, Montrose, Orkney, Shetland.

Firth of Forth intends to establish Scotland’s green port, source: Forth Ports

“This demonstrates a real appetite for the comprehensive and exciting proposals published by the Scottish Government to deliver green ports. With nine notes of interest submitted by industry and public bodies to help deliver these plans, it is evident our ambitions on fair work and net-zero are aligned to the interests of business,” Ivan McKee, the country’s minister of business, trade, tourism and enterprise, said.

Green port model

Scotland will establish green ports on a basis of the UK Government’s freeport model that was adapted to the local conditions. According to the Scottish Government, the planned green ports must comply with five main objectives: promote regeneration and job creation through inclusive and sustainable growth; establish hubs for global trade and investment; contribute to a just transition to a net-zero economy; drive fair work practice; foster an innovative environment.

“A green port is a large zoned area within a defined boundary which includes a rail, sea or airport. Green port operators and businesses in the zone can benefit from a package of tax and customs incentives. They will also have to adopt Fair Work First criteria, including ensuring that employees are paid fairly, and be fully committed to achieving net-zero emissions,” the Scottish Government outlined its vision of the sustainable facilities.