The Two Towers consortium, consisting of Van Oord, Investri Offshore and Green Giraffe, has won the tender for Borssele Wind Farm Site V. MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is the preferred supplier for the wind turbines.

Borssele V has been designated as an innovation site, situated within site III of the Borssele Wind Farm Zone. The offshore wind farm is located more than 20 km off the coast of Zeeland, the Netherlands, and consists of two turbines of 9.5 MW each. Once operational in 2021, the 19 MW offshore wind farm will provide sustainable energy to 25,000 households.

Van Oord is responsible for the design and the offshore works, while Green Giraffe will assist in the project management and financing of the project. Investri Offshore provides the project director.


In line with the requirements of the tender to further improve environmental standards, to contribute to the energy transition towards renewable energy in the Netherlands and to ensure a cost-efficient realisation of the 2030 renewable energy targets, the consortium will implement several innovations:

  • To connect the monopile and transition piece, innovative ‘slip joint’ technology will be applied. This technology, developed in collaboration with Van Oord, has two major advantages: it is maintenance-free and it reduces installation time, resulting in potential major cost savings.
  • Eco-designs used for scour protection will have a positive effect on the maritime environment. Part of the innovation is the use of scour protection in creating reef systems, including oyster reefs, which enables the diversification of the North Sea environment.

Picture: Another Dutch wind farm, Gemini Offshore (by Van Oord).