There is an increased interest in floating mega islands, to be used as energy islands, floating ports, farms or floating cities. Marin's first research has shown that in view of large mooring forces and strict motion requirements, designing these islands can be quite a challenge.

That is why Marin will organise the seminar "The Floating Future: Life@Sea" on 7 March. This seminar will focus on Food, Energy, Logistics & Living on Floating Mega Islands.

During the seminar, Marin will address the different applications within specific projects and the possible start of an open innovation for the development of floating islands. Presentations will be given by Marin experts and guest speakers and participants will have the opportunity to experience floating island tests.

Watch a Marin video on the installation and testing of the first floating mega island below.

(The picture at the top is a still from the same Marin video.)